Il Furoshiki e Nadia Mari

Furoshiki with Nadia Mari

Furoshiki are a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth made of fabric, silk, cotton, rayon or nylon, traditionally used to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods. Furoshiki is the art of wrapping, tying and folding scarf in order to create extremely captivating and beautiful packages.
Luxury, design and exclusivity are Nadia main qualities, a 100% Made in Italy brand, who combines the traditional Italian tailoring with the innovation through the use of modern forms and precious materials. Each garment is made through a mixture of different materials and prints in order to create a new patch, turning it into a new and unique tissue. Nadia Mari is a registered trademark in Europe, United States, Russia, Japan, Korea and China, and is distributed in many international boutiques but the idea of interaction between customer and designer is always the philosophy of the brand.
Thanks to Lunarossa, these two souls meet and create genuine gift wraps, available upon request. So, Nadia Mari scarfs, which are made specifically for Lunarossa, embellish even more our wines.

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