The Company and the Region

Lunarossa Vini e Passione

Lunarossa Vini e Passione is a new company located in Giffoni Valle Piana with a hands-off approach to winemaking: let the vineyards speak, trying to express the luxuriance and the beauty of Monti Picentini.

Our philosophy is to combine our love for the region with the passion for wine, in order to enclose in a bottle all the fragrances and the magnificence of a land with many traditions. Lunarossa vini e passione combines local traditional practices with new global innovations, producing unusual alchemies which surprise and satisfy the senses.

We are constantly looking for new ways to be good land stewards and minimize our emission gas output. We annually evaluate, revise and initiate our clean energy practices. We strive to make our building the healthiest and most sustainable work environment possible.

Thanks to a vigorous work in the vineyards, sustainable practices and strict rules to follow in the wine cellar, our goal is to make complex wines that meet with final consumer approval.

Total production is around 50.000 bottles a year. These numbers allow us to focus on quality rather than on quantity in order to produce delicious and unique wines.

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